7 Falls

One of the main attractions tourists can discover here at Lake Sebu is the Seven Falls located at Barangay Lake Seloton. Day trippers are always ecstatic when they chance upon one of Philippine's most beautiful waterfalls.

The first falls is named Dongon Falls or Hikong Alu in the local language. It is a block type of waterfall, meaning, the water descends from a relatively wide stream or river. When the water spills over the edge, it looks like a big sheet or curtain. At 40 feet high, the rapid surge and fall of the water from above makes traversing the area around the plunge pool very dangerous.

Standing majestically at 70 ft high, Falls 2 or Hikong Bente  is located 40 meters from Falls 1 and can be reached by either hiking the 700+ steps, driving down the road or simply fly up in the air by means of a zipline ride! 

Other Falls can be seen from zipline riders point of view and some can be reached thru a rigorous mountain hike depending on weather conditions and status of the trail paths. For now, Falls 1 and 2 are the only falls that can be easily reached. Here are the list of other falls with their corresponding T'boli name and character.
Falls 3: Hikong B'Lebel "Coil/Zigzag"
Falls 4: Hikong Lowig "Booth"
Falls 5: Hikong Ukol "Wild Flower"
Falls 6: Hikong K'Fo-I "Short"
Falls 7: Hikong Tonok "Soil"